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Are you tired of the "split-care" model in mental health? Do you suspect that you or someone you care about could be feeling much better faster if there was someone to coordinate medicaton changes with progress made in psychotherapy? Perhaps you are worried that if you see a psychiatrist you will only be prescribed medications and not truly be understood. Are you looking for a thoughtful, psychologically-minded provider with the latest training in psychopharmacology to help with these concerns? If so, you have come to the right place.

I have always felt that medications, while a useful tool, are not the source of true positive change. Real change happens when an individual makes an internally motivated commitment to confront difficult thoughts, beliefs, and feelings about themselves and the world. Recent studies even suggest that medications once thought to be helpful for anxiety disorders tend to keep people stuck in the longer term. I will work with you to weigh the risks and benefits to any medication at any point in your treatment to help you achieve your goals. If you are not already doing psychotherapy work with a therapist I would be happy to go on that journey with you. If you are already doing this work I am happy to be a consultant to you and your therapist.

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